Are you a “Lightworker”?

Being someone who has identified as a lightworker for some time now, I figured those who aren’t too sure on what the hell that even is might want some clarity. I especially view this information as vital during this time here on planet Earth.

Here on Earth, we have forgotten who we are at the core; one. We are all interconnected and more alike and united than we can imagine. A Lightworker is a soul with the innate urge to help or heal humanity and help them awaken and embody the spiritual side of their existence. In general, they feel a higher calling that it’s their souls mission, or purpose, to carry out this duty.

The word ‘light-‘ comes from the perception of our consciousness and the universe; always providing us life and love with the warmth of light. The word ‘-worker’ is combined with ‘light-‘ to portray the sense of duty that these souls integrate with their universal work.

Lightworkers bring messages to those in need in their own ways; each lightworker unique in their techniques. They are natural, psychic healers with metaphysical abilities that grow stronger with the intention to pursue their purpose. These teachers have been practicing their art for lifetimes, and have awakened to their innate gifts of helping heal the universe.

Lightworkers are here to help us expand our consciousness.

Earth has been upgrading, and now is the time to be alive! She has been upgrading the planes of reality that will survive as life goes on. She is tired of the old paradigm of masculine energy and competition, the 3D.

Earth has been upgrading to the 5th dimension, or 5D, and with that our own individual souls have been integrating the new light codes that help up evolve with her. I know this sounds so ‘woo woo’, but I promise you that you want to be in the know about this shit.

Our souls are just flecks of the universal consciousness expressing itself through your character, or avatar. Kind of like the sims, it’s actually quite fascinating the deeper you go.

Each character has specific “soul contracts” that appear in connections we come across in our everyday reality. Some contracts are teachers, and all are divinely placed into our lives. The student yearns for the teacher, and the lightworker appears. The lightworker yearns for a student, vise versa. These connections are destined to align.

I need you to understand that the human race is floating on a giant space rock in the middle of the infinite, limitless universe. Most of us are aware of our souls, but don’t pay much attention to integrating that aspect into our lives. At least I never did.

The purpose of this whole game called life? To experience and learn.

Do I understand the “Why?”, fuck no. All I know is that we are all here together on this Earth, and that there is something deeper going on to our existence than the 3D reality us humans live in. There is another layer, another aspect to this life and the way we can perceive reality itself.

A lightworker is someone who has awakened to who they are, and make it their life mission to spread this knowledge. They will stand up for the truth. They will help those in need. They will feel a duty deep inside of them to impact the world at large.

Life then becomes a powerful school, with tests and pop quizzes galore in order to see if you are applying the knowledge being taught by the universe. The lightworker observes, learns, applies, and then teaches the concepts learned in their lives to those they assist.

I believe we all are lightworkers, we just don’t always know it until we do. Are you a lightworker? Not sure or want to be? Start to look inside. Start to do the inner work, evolve, learn, grow, and share your findings of the universe with those around you.

Spark conversations and connections. Plant seeds of knowledge in the garden of your mind to share the harvest with the collective consciousness at large. After all, the universe loves that shit.

Spread your light, brighter than ever. Our world is screaming out for our help, especially now. The time is ripe for us to start applying our learned lessons and living the truths we have learned from experience. Now is the time to be kind and live your authentic purpose.

Start the podcast. Write the blog. Share YOUR message, because just like you are sitting here reading mine, there ARE people out there looking got your SPECIFIC message lightworker & ONLY you can deliver in in that specific way that someone is craving.

It took me a while to believe this, but it’s true and you can take the existence of this blog as proof that people will listen. With the right intention when creating your work, the right people will always come to you. Be patient. Don’t hold expectations on how things should play out in order for you to feel fulfilled on the inside. I used to think that by writing a couple blogs and having my website relatively cute that the abundance would flow in.

I was wrong. The abundance has come alright, but I haven’t made a single dime off this passion project. Even after starting the podcast, building my following, and staying active on social media; we have to work hard. What I have gained though is connections, knowledge, creativity, and a drive inside my soul to help people.

I started this project with the intention of just impacting ONE person will make it worth it. Well, I am about 1.5k people in and that hasn’t stopped me, if anything it has pushed me out of my comfort zone to learn and grow. I want to better myself and provide content that will lead us into a more flowing, loving way of life here in the near future.

Are you a lightworker too? You aren’t alone, in fact we are all in this together. There’s a community of us out there. Look and you shall find my sweet soul sister.

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