An old soul brining perspective to a new world; where we are all consciously co-creating realities, transcending past traumas, & raising the Earths vibration to a heavenly state.

I’m Cecelia – a badass lightworker healing the collective through conscious living.

I’m a huge believer that we can master the game of life and create a reality that actually serves us while we serve others. This is because I have been consciously learning the rules & how to use them to my own personal advantage; resulting in rapid manifestations, paradigm shifts, and a complete rebirth of my self and who I identify as.

VegetablyAware wasn’t created for the faint of heart, but for those with a whole lotta love to give. You are striving everyday to improve your life – spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, & have no time to be wasted. You’re actively healing yourself from past traumas, & are learning to be a resilient motherf*cker. Taking life one day at a time you understand that your path is a huge part of the collective journey.

By integrating holistic & alternative healing with spiritual intention, I have cooked up the perfect recipe for living life in true, positive alignment.

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