What the fuck is Spiritual Money?

What the fuck is Spiritual Money? Is this really a thing?

In our physical universe , money acts as the physical representation of our available life force particles. Life force particles are fragments of well, you.

Your power and energy levels are determined by the quantity of life force particles you have available. A wealthy person would be someone who has ALL of their life force particles available.

These particles each are worth an ounce of GOLD! ✨

To maintain or grow your network of life force particles, you must increase your KNOWLEDGE & OCCUPY the optimum role, or IDENTITY of which you seek to manifest.

Knowledge = control of POSITIVE life force particles = increased control of your life and actions 👊🏼

So think of your life force as your spiritual currency. The more positive energy harvested within ourselves, the better life is. The more negative we focus on, the more it goes away.

Life is so much more simple than we make it seem to be. You don’t have money because you’re broke as fuck… on the inside. Fill up your own cup for once and see how the universe has your back.

Wealth is so much more than pieces of green paper.

Success! You're in!

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