Quarantine: Purging & Healing Our Souls

quarantine: purging anf healing our souls

Elephant in the room here, obviously the Coronavirus & all of that is going on. There’s no toilet paper anywhere, and everyone is kind of in a state of panic and confusion. Should we worry? Should we not worry? We are kind of worrying at this point.

I hope everyone has been staying healthy, staying clean, and staying away from people. I actually relate to all these jokes about quarantine because it’s like my whole life has been a quarantine, basically.

Not to be joking on a sensitive subject for many, but I genuinely love it. I’m in a position now where my work hours are limited and I get to work from home. (Which doesn’t necessarily involve doing too much!)

I also have a couple books that I brought home, right now I am in the middle of ‘The Awakening’ by Richard m. Eyre, and ‘The Laws of Spirit’ by Dan Millman. It’s been very nice to connect with myself at this time.

Bringing up that thought, I figured it would be nice to talk about what’s going on collectively, and what we can do as awakened souls/conscious beings/lightworkers, or human with a duty to humanity; what we can be doing for ourselves and others at this time.

I see a lot of other people coming up with amazing content to share with others at this time. I, myself, have felt like I’m in a little bit of a paralysis from processing everything that’s been going and I’ve had some personal things purging up.

Basically 2020 is the year of the purge; the wildfires, corrupt politics, and now we have this virus. Now we have a worldwide state of emergency/pandemic over this virus, right? Now we are in self-quarantine.

I’m in Arizona; here they haven’t issues quarantine, but they’re recommending It and social distancing. I completely respect that and it’s the smartest move to help slow down the spread of COVID-19.

Success! You're in!

In the mean time, a lot of people are dealing with processing a lot of fear, anxiety, worry, and stress, which is completely understandable. How can you not feel it in yourself, or not worry about your loved ones or family? It’s understandable, but at the same time, we can only control ourselves and we can’t control anything else, really.

We can control our SELF.

One of the main things we can focus on with this quarantine time on our hands, is to see the opportunity. This is the perfect time to literally do whatever the hell you want! In a sense.

I am now working from home, and even my boss said to me while planning out all this quarantine work, “I’m really going to take this time to work on self-development and my relationship with my family”. I was like, “Wow, that’s fucking awesome! Good for you!”.

So, I took some books home and thought, “How amazing is it that we have this opportunity to be confined to our space, but really be here with the people that we love?”

I live here with my fiancé and our pets, but now I get to spend more time with my animals, now I get to spend more time with my fiancé, and deal with things going on in our life. Deal with just my life down to the basics.

I feel like now that people are focusing on their health now, especially with the last full moon in Virgo. I recently got a juicer, so I have been juicing almost daily. Eating more salads, more vegetables in general. I had a freaking cauliflower steak, I love food, clean food lately.

Then all this happens. Now we have this perfect opportunity to get ourselves in the OMG, that amazing state of mind. We have the time to do the inner work. We have the time to make those emotional connections we crave. Heal your self.

How do we do that? We do the things that we love to do.

Okay well what if you life doing things outside? Forsure. Well I want you to do the things you loved to do inside, as a child.

If you think about a child’s life, they literally just live in their house, and that’s like their whole world. They find so many little things to do. You can read a book. Watch a movie. Play a game. You can paint! You can cook a meal, or even cookies. The list can go on.. see how excited your soul gets when you tap into that inner child.

I feel like in our society, we always are at our full-time jobs; we are always working and waiting until we can get to that moment where we are making enough money, and have vacations all the time… Well, think of this as a vacation for your soul.

You don’t even have to be anywhere right now!

(I mean this in a spiritual sense. I am sending a lot of peace to those that this has caused any struggles for. I understand.)

Putting the uncontrollable aside, as a society/civilization/Earth members, this is what we are ALL going through. What can we do at a personal and individual level to bring people out of that state of panic and fear? How can we take this as an opportunity to change the world? Or change how people react, respond, & perceive to things?

Question things for yourself, and reality. See how your perception changes after you read a book on self-development, or watch a documentary that teaches you something you’ve always wanted to learn.

See how amazing life is when you truly focus on what’s important; those core foundational parts of who you are. We could take this time to figure out exactly who we are, and what we are supposed to be doing. What truly makes us happy? Honestly, we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

I woke up the other day to my good friend Darline letting me know she was in an earthquake in Utah! Like WHAT?! Who was expecting that?! The wildfires in Australia are still burning. There are locusts swarming Ethoipia. There is so much chaos going on.

What can we do as light workers, empaths, awakened souls? We can connect with our SELF. We can connect with our higher self, source, and we can heal our selves…and ripple that energy out.

Other people will see how you’re glowing, how good you’re feeling, and they’ll notice something different about you. You’re not LIKE everyone else. All anyone wants right now is some peace, clarity, and stability!

All I can say is that SO MUCH, at an individual and collective level, is going to be brought to the surface to be dealt with, and the only & BEST way we can choose to go through this is getting our vibrations high AF. Tap into that inner child. Do the shit you love that gets you into a high vibe; that feeling of taking on the world, and apply that. Spread it.

Spread the light throughout the darkness. Through that, people will start thinking differently. Things can really change here on Earth, but it starts with you. Genuinely, you will impact more people that you can realize. You will impact more people than you can even imagine.

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