8 Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms in 2020

Waking up can make you feel like you’re going a little…insane (at first). I promise it’s actually SO worth it, but it’s deff not easy. I’m sure your interest in spirituality and your own personal journey has brought you here. Welcome.

This post has been updated as of June 13, 2020 with added symptoms you may experience due to unprecedented times. Thank you for being here and being apart of this amazing journey.

I want to explain to the best of my abilities all of the signs that the Universe brought to my attention while becoming aware of this whole process. Part of me wants to hold back, and translate my language to fit the societal ‘norm’ of talking about how life should be.

I have a calling that millions of others are starting to experience the shift in consciousness as we go from the ‘old’ to ‘new’ Earth. Honestly, I need to let you come to your own conclusion to what exactly that is.

A great example if you’re reading this now, is the shift in the world ever since COVID-19 hit. The lockdowns, job losses, and the crumbling of the very reality we once knew for our entire lives.

I made a post earlier in the year about how the quarantine was almost like a “purging” of our souls from all of the BS we were so over at that point in time. You can read it here.

Now, the the #BlackLivesMatter movement and protests have stirred up many peoples ignorance and arrogance, let’s not forget their egos and demons as well. This is a time for healing, and for waking up to the truth of what our realities really are.

I promise you I will not hold back, as much as my ego wants me to stay comfortable and keep this information to myself. It’s been in my journey of ‘self-exploration’ if you will, that I have recognized many instances and synchronicities in my daily life.

It’s in these patterns that I have started to pick up on just what this whole life thing is about. Really, ‘waking up’ is really becoming more conscious and aware of your life and the present moment.

It’s been a really complex and deep experience for myself, and I believe each of us has our OWN path to the ultimate truth. You know, to each their own..?

If you check out my blog, A little bit about my journey, you can learn… a bit about my journey! Through this experience of sharing my experiences and life lessons, so many like-minded souls have come to appreciate the knowledge being spread.

I want you to know that you aren’t alone; you aren’t crazy, weird, or different. Well maybe you are, but it’s those that are stuck in the same patterns and cycles that are really the ‘weird’ ones. Anyways, there is a purpose for this experience, and everything truly does happen for a reason.

There is a reason you are reading these words, and having the thoughts you do. There is a purpose for your life, and I promise you’ll find it. Also, this shit never ends, so buckle up for a wild ass ride.

Success! You're in!

Here are 8 signs and symptoms that you are experiencing your own spiritual awakening:

  1. You see 11:11 everytime you look at the clock, or see other number sequences like 111, 222, 333, 444, etc. on car plates or receipts. These are meant to make you recognize the pattern. These are ‘messages’ from the spirit realm. These messages are called ‘angel numbers’. Angel numbers will communicate the cycles and patterns you are going through as well as provide intuitive guidance throughout your journey. They are simply a reminder that you are not alone and that there is a higher power with you at all times, even if you can’t really see it. You will one day; through your third eye, or minds eye. Oh yeah, did I mention we are straight up spiritual beings having a human experience?! We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational Universe. You are limitless my friend. Connect with yourself, and master your reality. Use the tools available to you, they’re hidden in plain sight!
  2. You feel attracted to eating healthier, cleaner, more vegetables, less meat and animal products and processed foods in general. Honestly, this can be one of the biggest things that can catalyst an awakening. I understand cultural aspects of having meat as an essential part of your diet due to restrictions. At the same time it’s important to understand and acknowledge WHY you do the things you do. Is it because it’s all you’ve known and that’s what your parents do? When an animal lives in a constant state of fear, like a slaughterhouse per say, it’s vibrational energy is extremely low, in a fear state. This energy then gets stored in the muscles and tissues of this organism, and is transferred to the organism who them ingests it after its murdered. Ever see heavy meat eaters struggle with health issues, weight gain, and mood issues? Try linking the diet. It’s crazy how many people still aren’t understanding the substantial effect that food has on your mind, soul, and body. Food is fuel, and your body is the engine. By cutting out low vibrational and taking in more organic, fresh foods, you can stay high vibed all the time; heightening your intuition, mental clarity, and overall well-being.
  3. You feel called to follow your heart, or go against the grain to satisfy yourself, for once. You may have struggled with codependency, people pleasing tendencies, negativity, and other factors that have kept you from fully pursuing your authentic desires. Keeping others happy or fulfilling others needs over your own only gives your many reasons to regret not living YOUR own best life. Don’t be too busy filling up others cups, that you dim your own light, lowering your own vibe. Listen to your thoughts, what do they REALLY want to do? Now honor yourSELF and DO IT (I give you permission)!!
  4. Your reality is seeming to crumble away before your very eyes and mind shattering revelations of areas of your life occur. You lose close friends or family that no longer ‘vibe’ with you, or align with the intentions you’re putting out. When you become more conscious and raise your vibration to true alignment, others ego’s may sense this and become uncomfortable with changing their beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, or habits on certain areas of life. This doesn’t mean you can’t love each other, but you just won’t be able to really relate on the same level anymore. At the same time, it’s a blessing to have distractions cleared from your path to your desires. Amazingly I made the most progress on myself growth and transformationally within the last 6 months of my life that I cut toxic family out of my life. You never know what working on yourself and staying true to that may bring you. On the bright side, you’ll ultimately attract situations and people that bring your relationships that are your vibrational match! Yay for staying true to yourself!
  5. You are interested in learning more about the metaphysical; intuition, spirituality, astrology, tarot, conscious living, yoga, etc. These are great ways to connect with yourself and consciously get in a zone to make the best decisions for your life. I have been following energy readings, astrology, and moon cycles for a couple years now and it’s pretty creepy how accurate the information is. If you are interested, I recommend looking into free natal birth chart reports on the internet, as well as human design, MBTI, enneagrams, and spiritual related terms such as empaths, light workers, and energy workers.
  6. You feel called to work on yourself, and really fall down the rabbit hole into this whole awakening. Suddenly, your health, mental and physical, is very important. Your daily habits start to change. You make more conscious decisions and care for yourself. You appreciate investing in your self, and your future. You understand that without working on yourself, you won’t see anything in your outer reality change. You trust the universe has your back and that everything is working in your favor. You’re excited for each new day and the adventure it’s going to bring you. You are so grateful that you are still here for another day, because it means you still have a PURPOSE. You dedicate all of your efforts towards building YOUR life out of respect for the very soul you are. There is room for all of us at the top, and you’re willing to reach your hand out to bring others with you.
  7. You question EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. This was the biggest thing for me in this process. I say, never stop questioning life. It always delivers in some insane, magical way. You’re not crazy, you’re just smart enough to not believe everything you are told. Like I said at the beginning, this awakening experience is completely unique to you. We all have our own riddles to figure out, and the universe is just waiting on the other side. I remember being about 16 sitting in a Chipotle parking lot with my (now ex) boyfriend, looking out the window thinking I’m absolutely fucking insane because I can absolutely give two fucks about the mundane world we live in, and only care about figuring out what and who I am, how we got here, why we as humans do things, and this fascination that there is something more to this reality that what we basically perceive. Yeah… most people haven’t really “vibe” with me and are thinking about the next supreme drop or what to watch on TV next. Keep questioning the world, I promise you it pays off, and it’s trippy as hell.
  8. You, yourself, yes you…. feel different. More sensitive. More emotional. More in touch with maybe some uncontrollable emotions. You’re ready to just love, be loved, and want the world to just love itself. You feel like there is something just a bit…off.. about yourself, and you just can’t put your finger on it. You see things others don’t. You understand, and can empathize with others rich experiences. You feel connected to everyone yet see the things separating us all invisibly. You feel like you have a purpose, and you want to ‘find’ it. I am here to tell you that the little voice that you’re ignoring, aka intuition, is your magic guide book to figuring it all out. You may not know your purpose quite yet, but one day you’ll look back and understand why all the pieces fell the way they did. What fun is an adventure if you already know everything that’s going to happen?! Sit back and allow the universe to work for you, your job is to simply enjoy it (& align with it)!

Remember, everyone experiences their own journey, and this may or may not resonate with you. I hope it does, and it gives you some reassurance that we are all experiencing this weird shit. It’s those that choose to question and wake up that truly get to enjoy life’s treasures. There has been nothing better than discovering who I truly am and the magnificence of this experience we call life.

Are you a human having a spiritual experience, or are you a spiritual being having a human experience? The choice is yours.

What have you experienced in your awakening? Share it with me in the comments below!

6 responses to “8 Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms in 2020”

  1. I love you ^-^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love you too!!! Thanks for the love & glad you resonated!


  2. Oh…..my…..god. This completely resonated with me and made me cry! I felt like I was going crazy for the past six months. I quit eating meat and eating less compulsively and eating entirely healthy. I spend all of my spare time at the lake and in nature (I used to hate it) I’m staying away from all of the negative people in my life. I have been studying veganism, meditation and the law of attraction.

    Typing that all out…..I still feel crazy!! 🤪

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg!! Sounds like your soul is leading the way 🙂 keep going, I say hey if it seems “crazy” but it makes me feel good, I don’t give a f!


  3. I’m here. a little late. definitely freaked out. but here.


  4. Need some support and clarity, during sudden I believe Spiritual or Kundalini experience, ongoing body surges and
    feeling ill, frightened, almost feels like dying. Has become very intense, brings out fear and anger, no sleeping, dry mouth, am not a youngster, have been working as a psychic for many years, and do have communication with Spirit
    telling me to trust, I am very fearful, and do not know where to turn, Spirit confirms this will end soon, but not so?


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