Engagement Photoshoot: Cathedral Rock, Sedona

I honestly never imagined myself to be in this situation right now. I am engaged to the love of my life; my best friend, my other half, my twin flame. I am also confidently writing a blog, literally, and sharing this experience with internet. It’s such a blessing to have an outlet to share with you all, freely and without boundaries. Today’s going to give you a little sneak peek into my personal life! Welcome to a genuinely precious day in my life. Hope you enjoy.

So obviously this blog is going to be about my engagement photoshoot. Oh my GOSH, let me tell you how freaking amazing this whole situation was. (Then we will get into the magic!)

So about a week before this all went down, Enrique and I were planning on going to this huge car show thing here in Phoenix, but by the time we left brunch, there was only like a couple hours left. Silly us, did not look at the times of the event. So, after brunch we went home, and decided that we would just catch the show that’s the following weekend. I guess it was like a preview weekend??

We went about our work week, and I think around tuesday or wednesday I started to have this urge to go up to Sedona for the day instead. I mean, we freaking LOVE it up there. Lately, it has been pretty icy and snowy, so I haven’t been up there since fall 2019.

Oh yeah, and last time Enrique went snowboarding, he fell and broke his ribs. SO, wasn’t sure why I was thinking this but I just let the thought flow and went about my day.

I was scrolling through Instagram during work the next day, and came across literally a once in a lifetime deal. This post caught my eye because it was a chance to work with a photographer in SEDONA, and why not?!. Holy crap, like only one of the most special places to our relationship.

When Enrique and I started dating back in 2016, we spent countless weekends heading up to Sedona, mainly with some of our old friends. We would explore trails, off-trails, and enjoyed camping when we could. It’s just such a gorgeous place; each trail and part of the town having it’s own personality and vibe.

One of our favorite trails is a bit north towards Flagstaff, called West Fork. If you haven’t been there, put it on your bucket list. There’s legit a river that flows through that you cross about 7 or 8 times. It’s about 2 hours long, and has TONS of places to take breathtaking photography.

We basically fell in love on that trail that sweet summer of 16′, and always imagined our wedding taking place in similar scenery. I can’t wait to dive into wedding planning, and even go dress shopping! We have decided that the date will be in March of 2021!

Success! You're on the list.

Back to the story; I saw this post and immediately contacted Lauren. One look at her Instagram profile and I was sold. She let me know a bit about her photography style, describing it as candid so that we look and feel like ourselves in the photos. She was super excited to start working on a shoot in Sedona because of the outdoorsy backdrops and natural bright lighting.

Words cannot describe the amount of excitement & joy this brought to me. It was also super weird how I was feeling Sedona a few days back, must have been a sign! Thanks Universe!

Lauren immediately emailed me to introduce herself, and gave me all of the information I needed to see if it was a good fit; describing the location, times, style of the shoot, and even sent me Pinterest boards to help me envision outfits for the shoot!

The trail was pretty busy, but honestly you can’t even tell with how perfect these pictures are!

Outfit #1: Casual

Okay, in this spot there was literally no one. (Or maybe I am laughing because they’re behind the camera!) If you have ever done candid photography it’s kind of just doing a bunch of stuff; your body, hair, hands, laughing, spinning, etc. Honestly, it’s really fun and the pictures come out so fun and free. I’m really happy we look so relaxed and happy, not like frozen in time.

Believe it or not, Enrique and I probably have like a total of 30 pictures together before getting these done! I swear we LOVE each other, just don’t always bring out the camera to capture all the special moments. Which I think needs to change ASAP!

One of the reasons I fell in love with Enrique was because of how I feel when I am with him; comfortable. He makes me feel confident in who I am, and I know I am always right there to support him. Through thick and thin, our love only grows stronger with the journey we are on together.

Outfit #2: Formal/Styled

Lauren had us wear one styled outfit, which was this beautiful white lace dress. Honestly, I loved it sooo much, and it looked great with my tan booties! Such goddess vibes on that big rock!

It was my first little sneak peak into wearing a white dress with my future husband. Omg. Those words. It’s a freaking amazing time for me right now; leveling up in life, working on my marriage, and now having these to cherish for a lifetime and generations to come.

Also let’s not ignore the elephant in the room, my handsome fiance! Oof, he was looking so fine in his blazer!! There is no other feeling better than seeing your significant other feeling themselves; confident in who they are. Yes please! I have no doubt in my mind that we will have tons more professional photos done as we grow together. How could we NOT?!

I have been thinking I would really love a ‘natural’ themed wedding; earthy virgo vibes.. you know? I can see it, ahh so excited!

Another funny part of this shoot is that the photos look like we are the only two in the whole park. Trust me, we weren’t, at all. There was probably a hundred or so people walking the trail at all times. Some even stopped to enjoy the scenery, and watch this magic happen. Lauren made this feel so comfortable for us, I barely even noticed them! So fun!

The whole experience was very professional, romantic, and so much fun! I highly, highly recommend hiring Lauren to take your proposal, engagement, wedding, or senior photos! Recently, she has been expanding her work for destination photography experiences, just like this one!

You can check our her website here, it’s absolutely phenomenal. The site is easy to navigate and splurges on her personality, with quirky facts about Lauren thrown into the stunning photos she has taken. There is seriously nothing better than knowing that you have someone behind the lens who is so passionate about creating these moments for you.

About The Photographer: Lauren Garrison

Lauren has been photographing people for 11 years, and weddings for about 6 years. She specializes in weddings, proposals, and destination elopements. Working with couples and helping them plan their wedding is literally dream job. She truly cares about every couple she works with, and wants nothing more than to see them have the time of their lives on their wedding day.

She resides Austin, Texas with her husband; who both love the Southwest and road trip around Arizona/Utah as often as possible. The landscape relaxes her and she finds it just beautiful. They’re also slowing making their way to every U.S. National Park. Talk about adventure!

Save your date with Lauren!

Follow Lauren on Instagram: @laurengarrisonphoto

Check out Laurens website: https://www.laurengarrisonphotography.com

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  1. Wow!!! Congratulations to the both of you. Those engagement photos are amazing. Wishing you and your fiancé all the best today and for the rest of your lives here and beyond this lifetime!!

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