6 Mantras For Moving Forward With Your Big Vision

The zodiac sign of Aquarius holds our first new moon of 2020, and the energy feels fucking amazing. Not sure about you, but I feel so called to be embodying this energy subconsciously, without ever knowing anything about it until the other day. Nothing against Aquarius’s, lowkey diggin’ the vibe.

Let me take you back about two days ago when I really started thinking about how the hell I am going to implement my big vision with the reality I am in now.

I have been working diligently to stay within my budget, and to allocate more funds to pay off my debts. I am so over having this shit as extra bills and baggage. Past that, I have been feeling called to invest more time in this blog, which is a win-win for both of us, am I right?

I get into super meditative states while I am driving to and from work every day, and make this a dedicated time to connect with my higher self and her guidance. I basically get super relaxed while playing music, and listen to any and all thoughts that go across my mind and pay attention to the ones that feel like the ‘truth’. Not sure how to fully explain it.

Lately, I have been dreaming of growing this blog into a business and be able to provide an income for myself & to support my family as well. It’s easy to think that I can have it all, and I believe I can, hence why I am here, but it’s also even easier to get caught up in clouded doubts about what I am truly doing with myself.

Working my day job is fine, and I am able to slowly but surely make a dent in my debts. Great. I need more, and I need to feel more satisfied with myself at my core. I want to deliver to you, whatever I can, that’s of value. I have been sitting with myself and asking myself, “What is my souls true purpose?”, and it responds with “I want to help others heal their inner child and connect to the source and being of their true potential.”

How do I get from here to there?

I think we all think about this, or at least I hope most of us, ponder the questions of life, and wonder what the fuck our ‘life’s purpose’ is. I randomly will think I have myself figured out, but then I am constantly met with my evolving and changing self. I know at my core that this is what I want, but I am still waiting on the clarity to come through so I know I am making the right decision intuitively.

After I got home, I felt drawn to pull some cards from my ‘Medicine Woman Tarot Deck’ to clarify on what I must do going forward to align with my highest good. I love this deck because of the beautiful artwork, and the intention of connecting me to my divine feminine energy. I pulled a number of cards, but I had two that stuck with me the most, the Exemplar of Stones & the Ten of Pipes.

Medicine Woman Tarot Deck by Carol Bridges

The Exemplar of Stones shows a confident woman, looking back at her life knowing it all worked out to a T, and she has the fruits of her labor abundantly & without a doubt. This tells me to embody the success I crave as if I were already the success it inevitably is. I must trust in myself, and my authority, of merging into the new and unknown. By leaning into this confidence, I manifest and attract what’s already mine. I am confident in the information that I deliver, and my success in inevitable. Plans working, goals secured.

The Ten of Pipes shows a woman working diligently on her crafts, and you see a young soul watching excitedly; happy to see her spending time on what fuels her. This represents connecting with my inner child, and the guidance it brings towards accomplishing my goals. By focusing on the truth of my passions, it excited the youthful and innovative sides of my personality. By taking the risk and pursuing what my inner child dreams of, daily life becomes more and more enjoyable. Something I think we miss…those youthful days of bliss.

After simmering in that energy, I felt so amazing. How can you not pursue your dreams when they make you feel so alive?! I then felt called to look into and adjust with my life path number, which is a 5.

  • I am expansive
  • I am fearless
  • I am resilient
  • I am progressive
  • I am fun & flexible
  • I love & welcome change
  • I am adventurous
  • I have the ability to show others how to live their lives fearlessly
  • I move forward

After reading that last point, ‘I move forward’, something just clicked for me. I looked down at my left hands ring finger to see the forward button outlined on my inside finger. This was a ‘stick & poke’ tattoo I gave myself back in high school about moving forward after a deep depression episode. This is a core part of my identity, I always move forward, I always keep going – no matter the struggle endured. I love that about myself.

After realizing that it’s the first new moon of 2020, and it’s in Aquarius, I felt pretty trippy. What are the odds that I have these random spurts of inspired actions to look into and remind myself of my core energies, around the SAME TIME that the expansive Aquarius energies are influencing the collective consciousness?!

Divine timing if you ask me, there are no coincidences. I felt really called to share my AHA moment with my readers, and to share the affirmations that I believe can be a key value in manifesting YOUR big vision for your future.

Success! You're in!

Here are 6 motivating mantras to help you breakthrough this Aquarius new moon on January 24th :

  • I am expansive. I expand my consciousness every day by looking into topics that excite me, working on my shadow self, and integrating lessons in life.
  • I am resilient. I get back up after I fall, brush it off, and do it again. I withstand the strongest blows, and recover 10x stronger than before.
  • I am progressive. I am evolving at every moment; slowly building up to the climax of embodying my truest self. I am building the life I deserve and crave on a subconscious level.
  • I am fearless. I take on challenges with a smile on my face, and a passion in my soul. I look danger & fear in the face and tackle all obstacles in my way. Period.
  • I am adventurous. I love exploring new places, meeting new people, and investing in experiences that bring me inner joy. I love to be in situations that make my heart glow with love and passion.
  • I am fun & flexible. I make plans with people without hesitation and execute according to plan. I go with the flow and love when spontaneous plans are made to brighten up my day. I embrace detours and find the joy in every moment.

Say these mantras throughout the next few days to fully embody the Aquarius energy circulating the collective!

I love how these make me feel, and am so excited to see what amazing magic we brew up during the year! I really hope you make that breakthrough as well to help manifest your big vision into reality!

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