The Universe Always Has Your Back

It’s easy to think that you’re all alone in this world. Even though you physically might be, you technically aren’t.

Have you noticed the way that the trees sing as you walk by? Or how the butterflies tend to come by your windshield when you stop in traffic?

We tend to think we are alone, because we as humans basically think of ourselves as the only intelligent life here on earth. I think that is what we perceive of our reality. It’s just us humans here to rule this rock floating in space, right? I honestly wish it was really that simple.

Our consciousness itself is the universe experiencing itself in a human expression. Therefore, you and I are equal parts of the universe, and we all make up the whole universe itself.

You could be the only human for a radius of thousand miles, and you still wouldn’t be alone in this lifetime.

We are always connected to the other dimensions of life; thoughts, energy, the life force itself.

Even when we are physically and visually alone, we aren’t. We are always accompanied by prana, or lifeforce energy, flowing all around us.

Prana, or our primary energy source, helps guide our creative forces throughout the day. This energy makes up our life itself, and is in all life on earth, even inanimate objects. It is the very consciousness that you and I share.

With that being said, you’re never alone if you’re here, here on earth, alive. The universe has been here every step of the way since you were, uh, in the womb actually! The universe is what has given you the very existence you call life.

If you are the universe itself, then it’s ludicrous to think that life is not happening for you, and possibly to you. Every single event or though that occurs is in divine timing, and has a deeper, and higher purpose to the collective consciousness.

When you come to a detour or roadblock in life, take it as blessing in disguise. This happened intentionally to keep you from a disservice to yourSELF, possibly to keep you in the moment you are in, because that is where you belong. So, sit back and enjoy the ride while you can.

The Universe always has your back.

Even when you think that the entire Universe is against you, it’s all for you. Everything that’s happening is happening for a damn reason, and if you don’t see that by now in your growth, we got a real problem. When things aren’t working out for you, you must trust that it’s clearing the way for something even more fulfilling to serve you.

Get over yourself if you really believe that the world is against you. Universe is inside you and all around you. Speaking gently into the very existence of life we are living.Universe speaks in riddles, in tongues.

She likes to play games, like a child that’s a master manipulator, laughing joyously at the circles we run ourselves in when the answer is right smack in the middle, and she knows it, the whole time. Dare to decipher her love language and you’ll reap the benefits.

She communicates in the songs that play in backgrounds of restaurants, movies, and even the radio station. Ever go to turn on the radio, and the song you were thinking about as you reach for the power button is playing when it turns on? Yep, that’s a sign. A synchronicity. These are no coincidences, but perfect alignments in your path that provide affirmation or hold resonating messages. These can be universal, or each to their own beliefs.

Another example of the patterns in the pictures being perceived are the numbers. They’re EVERYWHERE, no? 11:11, 3:33, 5:55? Have you seen these?

They are messages. They are confirmation that you are on the right path towards awareness of oneself and the world you are in! We were put to sleep when we incarnated here, forgetting the real truths of our existence.

Success! You're in!

The Universe likes to give you random thoughts of action. Yes, thoughts, of actions. Ideas of what you could be doing, but probably aren’t. So, Turn in to Tune in. Tune into yourself, your higher self, and listen to what they really want out of life. Trust that you are being guided towards the best possible outcome.

Trust that the only time you’ll ever fall, is to learn a lesson that makes you stronger, more resilient. When you get those jolts of inspiration, that’s your dreams calling you, the universe telling you what is possible. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”?

The Universe is encouraging us to ACT and BE that thought of potential self.

She is encouraging you to start living in that thought of who you can be if you SHIFT yourself into that state of being.Sometimes, it’s the number synchronicities that we see in our lives, the messages people bring in word, or your dreams manifesting out of thin air.

Haven’t you noticed how it’s always worked out for you? Shit, you’re still alive right??

3 responses to “The Universe Always Has Your Back”

  1. Wow!!! I love your blogs! Always so spot on to what reality is all about! Thanks for an amazing read! Great job! Cannot wait to read the next one.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I appreciate the support & I’m glad it resonated with you! Hope you’re having an awesome day !!

      Liked by 1 person

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