A Playlist That Doesn’t Suck!

I can’t be the only one who thinks the radio lacks any and all variety. There is rarely any new or different songs on the radio, and it really pisses me off. I am not sure if anyone else has noticed this fuckery, but I have, and I am pissed.

Honestly, I feel like we have all just been pissed at this for years, and maybe that’s just where we are as a society. We are so used to being pissed at the repetitive bullshit in our lives we just try to ignore it and say, “Well that’s life for yah”, while we hate ourselves for knowing every word to Baby Shark because it’s EVERYWHERE.

I am so fucking tired of hearing these irrelevant music artists, that may I remind you are probably paying millions to be promoting the SHIT out of their music on radio stations across the country. Then those stations don’t play ANY OTHER form of artists besides the same ones other competitors are playing.

I have no idea who’s ingenious idea this was but its complete and absolute brain wash. No matter where you go its the same Shawn Mendes bullshit making your ears bleed.

I bet you’re probably wondering, “Cece, why is this bothering you so much that you decided to genuinely write a blog about it?”

I have to say that is a marvelous question you have asked, and I have one answer to that.

I have ran into the same irritating, sad situation so many times when I turn on my fucking radio. Nothing new. I can almost predict the songs playing, like this afternoon for example.

I wanted to treat myself to some lunch, and instead of paying or a delivery service to bring me it, I decided to pick up. My job is super cool, and if I want lunch, I can step out really quick to go get it.

So, I get in the car and decide that I won’t plug in my phone for music per usual to save battery. That’s not an issue because the radio, duh.

It was funny, because as I reached for the power button on my dash, I even tried to guess the most stereotypical song that would be playing as if I expected anything to be different.

I am not kidding, Shawn Mendes playing. As I was catching myself singing along, I really started to get pissed off thinking about how ridiculous this shit is.

I changed the station, again, and again.

Next station was a song by Train, next was a Drake song. What’s fucking new?!

No matter what station I went to, each station was playing the same playlist that seems to rerun daily for that station.

Have you ever noticed how if you listen to the same radio station for like… a week, that you actually have most likely listened to the same 57 songs about 4 times in a row?


It’s like there is nothing new happening in music. There is ZERO variety on these music stations.

The funny part is that there is SO MANY new artists, and genres of music, that we shouldn’t even be hearing the same song more than once in a day.

Why don’t radio stations play more genres of music, more new artists, or play new singles to help promote small artists?! I am so damn confused.

If you guys know anything, leave your comments below – I would love to hear them!

So, I currently use Spotify for all of my music streaming, and have for years actually. I love the features of customized playlists based on the music I listen to, and usually keep up with my “Discover Weekly” playlist that refreshes every monday.

I like to stream my own music and use this app to find even more new music, and my car rides are never dull, like the one I went on today.

This week, I got a new playlist called, “Your Top Songs 2019”, and honestly these songs took me on a rollercoaster of emotions and vibes that I held and grew out of during the year.

I thought I would share all of those songs in case you were feeling the same way I was about the music on the radio in 2019, it sucks.

These songs bring so much emotion into my soul, and I felt like my blog readers could find this beneficial when it comes to getting to know me, and relating on some of my favorite songs of 2019(no particular order)! Thank you so much for being here with me, and surviving another year of growth.

I am so proud of you.

Music affects us in tremendous ways, such as setting the mood, providing insight, aiding in memory, and even the stimulation of regenerating new brain cells. That’s right, music helps you heal.

I think with the right music, anything is possible. Music has helped me at every turn of my life, and I really couldn’t imagine my life without it.

Music brings everything in life together, and maybe helps you forget about shit that doesn’t matter for the time being.

Here’s to the finish of an amazing decade, here’s to 2020!

Success! You're in!

Here’s a little piece of me. I hope you listen to this music in the car, getting ready, or even for your New Years Eve Party Playlist 2020!

  1. Easy Boy by GATTUSO, Liquid Todd
  2. VIBE by Just A Gent
  3. Down For Life by 3LAU
  4. Moon Love by Boombox Cartel
  5. Losing It by FISHER
  6. Rescue by Zeds Dead, Dion Timmer, Delaney Jane
  7. I Wanna Know – ODEA Remix by RL Grime, Daya, ODEA
  8. Many Worlds by DROELOE
  9. Tight by Kaskade, Madge
  10. Every Every (Telykast Remix) by MOONZz, TELYKast
  11. Higher (feat. Chance the Rapper & Blue Hawaii) – Remix by Brain Fresco, Just A Gent, Chance the Rapper, Blue Hawaii
  12. Damn Right by SQWAD
  13. Favorite Sound -BRKLYN Remix by Audien, Echosmith, BRKLYN
  14. All My Love (feat. Conor Maynard) – Sagan Remix by Cash Cash, Conor Maynard, Sagan
  15. NUMB – pluko Remix by Hayden James, GRAACE, pluko
  16. Balenciaga by Cheat Codes
  17. Water Garden by Super Duper
  18. By My Side by SMLE
  19. I Want You (Party Pupils Remix) [Ft. Matthew John Kurz] by Robotaki, Manila Killa, Party Pupils
  20. Grapevine by Tiesto
  21. Stars Tonight by Zeds Dead, DROELOE
  22. All In by Throttle
  23. Radar (ft. HONNE) by Wethen, HONNE
  24. Fire In My Soul by Oliver Heldens, Shungudzo
  25. Kaleidoscope (feat. Crystalline) by Champagne Drip, Crystalline
  26. Good Vibe by BRKLYN, Zack Martino
  27. Sit Next to Me – Stereotypes Remix by Foster the People, Stereotypes
  28. Rollercoaster by Audien, Liam O’Donnell
  29. Move All Night by SNBRN, Autograph, KOLE
  30. Surrender by Duke & Jones
  31. Let Me Go by graves, Aviella, Lil Traffic, Hex Cougar
  32. Purple Ghost by Chuurch, Bricc Baby
  33. Own My Own – ZAAX Remix by Lookas, ZAXX, Able Heart
  34. Fun – S2_Cool Remix by Kaskade, S2_Cool
  35. Creep On Me – QUIX Remix by GASHI, QUIX
  36. superlit by gnash, Imad Royal
  37. Blue Science by Champagne Drip
  38. Body by Loud Luxury
  39. Era – 1788-L Remix by RL Grime, 1788-L
  40. Say Yeah by TroyBoi
  41. Hypnotendiez by PEEKABOO
  42. Moon by sumthin sumthin
  43. Control by Emmit Fenn
  44. Black Magic Woman by Madeaux
  45. How You Love Me by 3LAU, Bright Lights
  46. Pounds by Chill Children, BACKWHEN
  47. Fixed On You Taiki Nulight Remix by Hotel Garuda, Violet Days, Taiki Nulight
  48. Shake Something (feat. Joey purp) by Louis the Child, Joey Purp
  49. On My Mind by 3LAU, Yeah Boy
  50. Giving Up (feat. Jaden Michaels) by QUIX, Jaden Michaels
  51. Run Away by Manila Killa
  52. Twilight vs Breathe (feat. HALIENE & Matthew Steeper) by Adam K, Soha, HALIENE
  53. Running To You by SLANDER, Spag Heddy, Elle Vee
  54. Cold Blooded by Jarami
  55. Light by BLU J, Nevve
  56. Pray ft Kameron Alexander (Blanke Remix) by ILLENIUM, Kameron Alexander, Blanke
  57. Between The Words (with Matt Maeson) by Devault, Matt Maeson
  58. Sundress by A$AP Rocky
  59. Too Proud – Japanese Wallpaper Remix by Broods, Japanese Wallpaper
  60. Solid Gold by PNAU, Kira Divine, Marques Toliver
  61. Breathe by Camelphat, Christoph, Jem Cooke
  62. Feel Love by Feed Me, Rosie Doonan
  63. Up All Night by R3HAB, MOTi, Fiora
  64. Hey Bud by Decadon
  65. Awake – KRANE Remix by Alison Wonderland, KRANE
  66. I Don’t Even Know You Anymore by Netsky, Bazzi, Lil Wayne
  67. Don’t Kill My High by Lost Kings
  68. Golden Dreams by BLU J
  69. Lift You Up by Zeds Dead
  70. Love Thang (ft. Ookay) by YDG
  71. Zone by KingJet
  72. Be The One (with Kaskade) by Cheat Codes
  73. Sunny by AOBeats
  74. Blame – Gorgon City Remix by Zeds Dead
  75. Bother Me by Dillon Nathaniel

You can also follow & listen to my 2019 Spotify playlist here!

Don’t worry, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything. I just really love this playlist and wanted to share it with you! As you can tell, I really love electronic/dance music!

If you enjoyed this, please consider sharing it with your friends, & follow my blog!

What are YOUR top songs of 2019? Share them in the comments below!

2 responses to “A Playlist That Doesn’t Suck!”

  1. I’ll have to check these songs out. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them. I totally agree with you that’s why I use Apple Music or Youtube. Hardly ever listen to the radio. I listen to 432 music too a lot and dub step type stuff too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh these deff aren’t super popular songs, but I personally loved these ones over the year! Most are like dance/dubstep vibes! Check out our 💗

      Liked by 1 person

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