What Does It Mean To Be An “Empath”?

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. An empathic person, or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), requires the ability to perceive situations from different perspectives, emotional intelligence of themself and others, as well as be able to genuinely feel what another is feeling.

The spiritual empath is in touch with their reality, as well what their souls purpose is. An empath quite literally takes on other people’s baggage, picking up the energy around them, at all times.

Have you ever wondered what an Empath person’s reality is like? I will explain to you my personal experiences and views as to what makes an empath, an empath.

I figured out I was an “empath” when I was a young child, but I could not tell you the exact moment.

I have always been extremely sensitive, and when I mean sensitive, I mean I was basically crying every day of my life! The slightest change in my parents mood or demeanor, and my bones felt like they were shaking.

Honestly, I had numerous outbursts of silent cries a week that were normally always manifested out of pure joy and love for life, not a depressing outlook on life.

I would be crying while listening to music, looking out my car window-maybe it’s raining outside too. I will cry if you’re upset.

I will cry if you’re not upset. I will cry about how beautiful the clouds look in the sky to my favorite song. I will cry about seeing a homeless person. I will cry about seeing someone who just looks like a homeless person. I will cry reading Dr. Seuss books, I will cry anywhere, harder than you.

At the time, I would have never been able to tell you, or describe in detail to you what that even meant. I had no fucking clue why I felt this way, I just knew I felt it, and I felt it with my entire soul.

I always felt different. Almost like I didn’t always feel what I was personally feeling. My peers always seemed to have their shit together.

Now that I’m older, and have really searched for information related to my weird ‘abilities’, I clearly understand my purpose and why I always felt a bit more than the average person.

When I say weird abilities, I don’t think that I have any sort of power that others don’t, I think my sensitivity is just higher than most people (Hence the crying part).

I kind of just had just a little bit more love for the things that went unappreciated in such a steadfast society. I felt a little warmer than those who had been frozen by a cruel, cold world.

This alone has made me feel very different than others growing up, and even as an adult.

Maybe it was that I saw you for you, and that was just plain … weird? Or it was that I didn’t lie about how I felt to keep you, or others happy, when that’s the truth and it made ME happy? I try not to worry too much anymore.

The older I get the more I realize it’s an intense emotional intelligence, this freaks people the FUCK out. Our society preaches an unhealthy way of dealing with your emotions, and others as well.

Our society lacks empathy.

For a good while, I genuinely believed that the feelings I was picking up from the world around me were all just in my head, fragments of my imagination.

I could sense the slightest difference in someone’s tone of voice, or if they were sad, I would be immediately aware of it.

There is no on or off switch on this stuff, your awareness is always disturbed by other influences besides your own.

I am not talking about body language or facial expressions, but I could literally feel what they were feeling. I could “imagine” it (I would be told..).

What does it mean to be an Empath?

When I google what an empath, I receive the following definition: (chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental and emotional state of another individual.

Ehh, not far off but I’d like to include that there is nothing fiction about this topic. I have experiences my whole life can account for that are completely undeniable.

An empath, or an empathic person, is someone who is extremely sensitive to life itself, the environment (people, animal, plants), as well as the collective energies across dimensions. This I believe is a type of psychic ability, clairvoyance to be exact.

Success! You're in!

An empath highly values all living life forms, and are usually very conscious in their dietary habits.

A vegan or vegetarian diet usually helps with anxiety and clouded energies that empathic person experiences.

These vessels understand that you are what you eat. Empaths should stay away from eating low vibrational foods such as processed sugars or meats that cloud their energy. It is also best to drink clean, filtered water on a daily basis, and maybe try going organic with fruits & vegetables as well.

Empaths have high regard for human & animal life, and are usually extremely emotional when it comes to any sort of suffering occurring.

This can be related to social, political, or personal matters that affect the innocent or people they love.

Empaths tend to be natural “counselors” for their friends, family, and more often than most, strangers.

The warm, understanding aura or energetic field of an empath makes people want to spill their hearts to you. You want to take the pain away, and it does go away, except only from the sender.

The empath genuinely cares, so much that they may take on the persons issues as their own. Sometimes, so much that they become engulfed in the situation, almost obsessed, without even trying.

We just want peace, for those around us, and more importantly, ourselves!

As an empath, we pick up the energies of the people around us.

This can be amazing when trying to help people feel better, but draining when it comes to self care and boundaries for the empath.

Empaths are beautiful people that feel very deeply. If you are an empath, or think you might be, I think the universe brought us together for a reason. I thank you for taking the time to read my work.

What is the purpose of an empath?

The purpose of an empath is to help heal the world of its emotional wounds. We are here to help people feel again. We are here to help people embrace their emotions and their inner self, to trust their intuition when it comes to navigating life.

The purpose of an empath is to simply be an empath, to authentically be yourself & shine your light on those in dark places.

We live in a world where what we see, hear, eat, and even breathe is controlled by powerful people.

We live in a world infested with a war of love against all odds.

The purpose of the empath is to show love where there is hate, to shine light where there is darkness in the world.

The purpose of the empath is to help those walking this journey with us and to help guide them towards their SELF.

Not everything we need to know is written in history books, or even consciously known amongst individuals in society.

I think it’s time we start questioning what we have been told, what we are seeing on the media, what we are learning in our schools, and what we know about ourselves, as humans, as consciousness itself.

I questioned a lot growing up. Pissed a lot of people off.

I didn’t really like religions being taught, why we had to pay bills to live, and I also wondered why life had to be so cruel to the most innocent of souls just trying to live their life here on Earth.

Why do wars even exist? Why do we separate ourselves from each other when we are all just human beings?

Are we human beings having a spiritual experience, or are we spiritual beings having a human experience?

The poverty, the hunger, the massacres; these negative forces that are impacting our world and its people on a daily basis are typically turned a blind eye towards.

We like to think that life is just this perfect little game where we eat, sleep, work, Netflix, repeat.

It’s not.

We think what’s here is real, but I’m telling ya there’s so much MORE to it. You have to LOOK.

What you see isn’t always what you get.

Some people keep a fake mask over their true, authentic selves. This often irritates empaths as we see who they really are, and the intention behind what is said.

Your mask cannot hide you from the empath, we see right through it.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, in fact it’s perfectly imperfect. We cannot have one, without the other to balance it out – the polarities of life itself.

So while we have the good, amazing empaths pursuing their lightworking duties, we also deal with assholes almost on a regular basis. Why is that?

It’s just how life is. Better learn to deal with it. (Says everyone.)

You might just want to give them a nice little…. smack! pow pow!

You might also want to send love and light their way, sending the intention of healing energy and positive thoughts.

I haven’t quite figured out a way to get rid off A-holes completely, but I have realized how vulnerable us empaths are to negative entities.

Honestly, we have to deal with a lot of energy sucking vampires that legit just SUCK! You can be around them for a small amount of time before your life force is energetically sucked out of your soul.

Energy vampires are people who — sometimes intentionally — drain your emotional energy. They feed on your willingness to listen and care for them, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed. Energy vampires can be anywhere and anyone

You know when you’re chillen with those friends, who aren’t really your friends, but you all say your friends, and even they know they aren’t really your friends?! Yeah I’ve been there, obviously.

Thirty minutes into bachelorette night & you’re passed out on the couch while they go on about who is going to pick who on the show, laughing way too hard at shit that ain’t even funny.

It’s ok. You’re okay. Probably going to leave early and go home, curl up in bed, sleep in the peace and quiet of your own home, alone. Sound like you?

The empath is extremely sensitive and vulnerable to what influences them. It is vital for the empath to consciously surround themselves with positive, attentive, and like-minded people who see them for the delicate soul they are.

An empathic person becomes emotionally drained fast, & needs time to recharge.

Please don’t judge an empath on the way they function.

I am almost positive that if we had the choice, we wouldn’t want to feel the way we do when we are around others too much.

I am the sleepy friend! I can only socialize for so long, before I need to retreat to my sanctuary (being alone in my house with my animals, candles, and chill music)!

This is by no means anything personal, I just can’t physically function properly without gathering myself together for a couple hours to days at a time.

This could be due to my introvert characteristics, but I believe that most empathic people will be affected by the forces around them as well.

Some empaths, like me (I can only really talk for myself), don’t have a large circle of friends. I prefer to keep my connections limited, but have deeper connections, rather than have numerous shallow friendships.

That is just how my personality is. I don’t think that if you have numerous friendships that they are shallow, but for someone in my mental state, I cannot handle multiple relationships and what they entail to maintain them.

I prefer to keep most relationships with people outside my circle as shallow, therefor not requiring much energy. Although it doesn’t require much energy, I still get drained faster than I would if I was with a close friend.

Many people tend to perceive this as a depressing and sad trait to have. I can’t begin to explain the number of times someone thought I was sad, depressed, or hated life throughout my journey.

I laugh at those people. If you knew me, you would know what a nurturing, kind soul I have. Oh well. I like it better that way anyways.

When I genuinely get that alone time with myself. I feel free to feel what I want to feel. That may seem weird because like “Can’t you feel whatever you want whenever you want to?!”. No. I can’t. I try, and I am still bombarded with whatever is going on in the environment.

Oh you were talking to me? Sorry I couldn’t concentrate due to the off beat in the music playing in the background, and the person that just walked by grabbed my attention. It’s just driving me nuts!

An Empath can literally FEEL the emotions and moods of those around them.

It’s like you’re a vibrational antennae, picking up different signals no matter where you go. Choosing to tune in on some, while others completely take complete control of you.

Empathic personalities tend to match the vibrations they pick up, almost like a mirror. This tends to confuse the empath because they might be projecting how you feel back onto yourself, and they can’t really control it.

This can be very frustrating as it makes the empath feel out of touch with themselves and what they truly are feeling at the moment.

I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner a couple months back with my fiance’s family. (Yes I am vegetarian, yes I just ate the sides, & No I wasn’t sad about it not eating the steaks and having limited options. At least i had options! #grateful.)

Right when we walked in, I could barely even hear the hostess greet us to get sat. Instantly irritated after I pick up on the hostesses frustration with the dinner rush.

As we walked through the crowded ass restaurant to our booth, I noticed that the workers started line dancing between all the tables, dancing and singing to some roadhouse jingle. (I am excited now? for Texas Roadhouse?!)

We sit down, and all I hear are the conversations of the tables around us, crunching of the tableside peanuts, and the blaring country music. I look around and see people laughing & talking. ( I can legit feel my energy being drained at this point)

I can’t even hear my own thoughts! I could barely even hold a conversation with my table because I was trying to calm down my over stimulated mind. (Now I felt my own insecurities for not being able to keep my shit together, and no one is even talking to me!)

I felt shivers up my spine when people got too close to me when walking by. I felt terrible that I wasn’t fully present with my table. I wanted to leave so bad and just take a freaking nap.

Meanwhile, absolutely no one, and I mean not one person in my group, noticed how overwhelmed I was being in this environment, nor even thought anything was wrong with me. Struggles of an empath..

That #texasroadhouseexhaustion am I right?

Most people, at least in American culture, perceive being emotional as a weak characteristic to have.

It’s absolutely not. It’s been my greatest strength in life to be able to relate and understand what others are feeling & experiencing.

I cherish every close relationship I have held in my life, and really strive to make life better for those around me.

It has been the relationships with those in my life that restrict their emotional sides that have genuinely suffered.

Showing how I feel is not reciprocated, its actually almost punished. It is thrown in the trash, telling me I want too much attention or am special because I want to have a genuine connection with them.

I am (not) arrogant for not agreeing with their lack of emotional intelligence.

I am (not) stubborn for following my own intuition.

I am (not) weak for showing my sensitivity to the world.

An empathic person reflects what you are sending back to you.

They feel exactly what you feel, to an extent. So if you don’t like how they are treating you….. take a step back and check your own behavior.

So why are you holding back on connecting with these beautiful souls?

We just want to help you, heal you, and bring you back to your authentic self.

It’s almost 2020, so I think it’s time to start believing in the “impossible”, or at least expanding our minds in what can also be.

Heck, I remember ten years ago reading about the flying cars, where they at?!

It’s about time we start questioning ourselves and who we actually are.

We are far more than just human beings living our lives and dying at the end. We are meant to FEEL & experience life to it’s fullest.

Living life to the fullest, or living your best life includes embracing the emotional side of yourself, as well as in others!

Emotions are what truly makes life beautiful & worth living.

Imagine a world with no emotions. What would be the point, in anything?

I get up everyday with a passionate fire of love in my soul. I thank the universe every day for the gift of life, emotions and all.

I am so grateful to be helping others every day of my life.

It’s amazing to know the things you can learn when you take the time to understand another person’s perspective.

It’s also fascinating to understand the suffering of those around us on a deeper level when we take the time to listen & understand what life is like in their shoes.

It’s hard to know the truth of situations when what’s being said doesn’t match the energetic vibrations being signaled.

In a world with so many disturbances making their way into your psyche & the 1% influencing societies at large, it’s hard to know what YOU truly understand & believe, and what’s even real.

What I hope you can take away from this article is that YOU know the right direction. You need to trust the process, and trust your intuition. It never lies.

Whether it be deciphering the truth of a situation, or navigating the negative energies all around us, I hope you follow your heart.

I hope you learn to love this side of yourself that makes you so blissfully unique.

I hope you never give up on getting to know your gift, and connecting with your SELF to strengthen it.

Being an empath means that you are highly aware of the energy and emotions around you. An empath is the lighthouse in the dark for those learning to feel again.

Share your experiences, share your thoughts, your feelings. I promise you that you are not alone in this. I am here with you. Thank you.

Do you agree with my description on an ‘Empath’? Share your perspective below! I think we are all different, and I am open to seeing others experiences!

3 responses to “What Does It Mean To Be An “Empath”?”

  1. Wow!!! Amazing post!! I didn’t see this until now and we just wrote about a similar thing. I also used the words energy sucking vampires!! It’s so true. Wishing you all the best. You’ve got a follower in me. I love learning more about what other like-minded people have to say. Happy December:)

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    1. Yay!! Thank you I’m so glad you liked it! & yes great minds think alike 😋 together we will help those interested in the awakening process! Thanks for reading!!

      Liked by 1 person

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