Conscious Living: A Choice We Make

Everyday we make choices. We choose to be the person we are as simply as we choose the clothes we wear, and the food we eat. Conscious living is an active choice we make every single day. It’s the awareness of yourself in others in this world. It is the respect for the earth and all beings of life as a whole.

We are making choices for ourselves at every single moment in our lives.

Consciously, decisions are made such as getting to work on time or making your favorite meal. You consciously know that you benefit from these experiences when you simply make the right, or best case scenario decisions.

It’s a conscious decision to do something nice for another, with no expectation of something in return.

It’s a conscious choice to be eating meat, or not eating meat- eating plant-based. People who have gone plant-based in their diets have become aware of the pain and suffering of the earths animals. They make the conscious decision not to participate in the industry, vise versa with meat eaters.

We make choices in every aspect of our lives. The mental state which we are in & our beliefs help mold these choices we make.

On a good day, where we feel centered & whole within ourselves, we make amazing choices.

Healthy meals, exercise, investing in our well-being by tending to personal creative hobbies, relationships, and self-care.

On A not-so-good day, or most likely the ‘terrible’ days, everything just is NOT working out. You skip breakfast, forget your assignment for class on the kitchen counter, your bank account gets overdrawn, and you lock your keys inside your car. (yes, this has all happened to me before, lol.) All day you carry an irritable angry, and everything seems to piss you off.

Your ego thrives when things seem to go wrong. Ego LOVES to put you down and help you feel uninspired. Ego wants you to fail not the universe, not your higher self.

Most people are not living in the moment.

Most people I see are so caught up in what others think of them, want from them, & expect from them that they lose who they truly are on the inside. They aren’t aware of who they are, or what amazing qualities they possess and can give the world.

Some individuals invest their attention and time towards materialistic interests and pursuits. Some believe the objects and jewels you have will make them loved, accepted, and wanted.

Some people are people pleasers- constantly disrespecting themselves to please others and keep the peace.

Some people are just in a straight up unconscious state of mind.

When poor decisions are made, it usually backfires back to you & dampens your mood. Situations like this can send some into negative spirals diving deep into depression.

Not being in alignment with your higher self can be detrimental to your mental and emotional well-being. Why? When you are misaligned in your life, everything seems to be working against you.

One thing after the next, shit just isn’t working for you. You want to give up, you wonder, why me, honestly? If you think that the universe is conspiring against you, you’re wrong. (Unless you did some real shit that earned you that karma, trust me I feel ya there. ouch.)

Even then, everything that is going ‘wrong’ is really just trying to push you in the right direction. Detours occur to help us realign with what is meant for us.

So Relax, the best is yet to come.

We chose this life, even if you think you had no choice in being here, and we are choosing our future at every moment, and every thought. Before we were born here in this life, we agree to our life paths and the lessons that will be brought about to help our consciousness evolve to help humanity.

I know that sounds wack, but that’s what we call a life purpose. Your life purpose is the sole reason YOUR life is here on EARTH! Relax, knowing that it’s all coming together for you in the best way possible. Good things take time. You won’t go very far with the intention of instant gratification in life.

Are you grateful for the experiences life has given to you in the past? Or are you resentful of the hard triumphs you keep facing? Have you thought about what these obstacles may be trying to TEACH you?

Look for the pattern in everything, as it’s all divinely connected in this realm. Our feelings, thoughts, and conversations are all interconnected in an energetic field around us, similar to oxygen.

Do you look for the similarities in people, places, and situations you come across? Do you see the patterns in life? Is it a test? Or is it a cycle you’re stubbornly stuck on that’s having the universe screaming at you like, “Helllloo?! What are you doing with your time??”

If you don’t like where you’re at, take a step back & really think about how you even got there in the first place.

You obviously wanted to make the decision that brought you to the moment after, you can’t regret it. YOU make the conscious CHOICE to create your life every single FREAKING moment.

You have and consciously make the choice to change your life, to change your thoughts. What is life but the perspective you have of it?

Take advantage of this power within your soul, and consciously CHOOSE to create your reality. Choose to wake up earlier. Choose to be kinder, more patient. Choose to do more than what’s expected. Choose to be your higher self every single day of your life.

Success! You're in!

Choose to invest in YOU, every single day.

Choose to make healthier decisions for everyday life. Go outside. Did you know our bodies NEED Vitamin D in order to actually absorb and USE the calcium in our muscles & bones?

Eat more veggies. They actually fill you up with nutritious vitamins & minerals, PLUS fiber to help you eat less of what doesn’t serve you. Drink more water. Your body is 90% water, so might as well replenish it life you would your car with gas. You wouldn’t drive on empty, so why would you NOT drink enough water?

The best in life is yet to come. It’s ever so achievable with the thought & ACTION we put towards actually manifesting our desires. It’s easy to dream of success, it’s easy to get things easy. The best things in life never come easy.

Only when you truly live your best life, will the best fall into your lap- effortlessly.

Be the you, that the awkward high-school version of you, or maybe just me, always dreamed of — a bad ass, productive ass, healthy, wealthy, & wise ass bitch! (Honestly, I maybe just want to be that now.) But my point is, get back on track, to who YOU really are. The old you, the fun you, your truest form before reality put a veil over your eyes.

Get back to the you that connected with everything in the world before society and its norms hurt you, tormented your spirit, and killed your soul. Energy doesn’t die though, it transforms. Transform through the negativity, transform into your true self. The world needs more butterflies to spread their wings and make a beautiful difference.

And if you just can’t relate, remember the best is yet to come. This is your opportunity to start the new chapter among us with the conscious decision that it will be nothing like the last. Let’s change the world, let’s start a movement, let’s be #vegetablyaware. So, Relax. Everything really does happen for a reason.

How are you aligning with your truest self?

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