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  • 7 Conscious Lifestyle Habits That’ll Up-Level Your Life (for the better!)

    I remember sitting on my bunkbed in 4th grade, texting my best friends that all I want to be when I grow up is happy. I don’t care what job I have, where I live; I just want to FEEL happy with myself and this experience we call life. Sometimes that pure innocence from childhood…

  • It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

    I don’t know who told you that it was weak to cry, or that your feelings don’t matter, but they’re wrong. I believe that emotions show intelligence and strength, not fear and weakness. Also, did you miss me? I kind of took a hiatus from my personal and professional life through the course of this…

  • A Letter to My Childhood Self

    I felt like you were always so excited to grow up; wanting acne, drama, and all the fun of finally having a boyfriend. You get that, don’t worry, but you also get a fun journey of self-exploration that really brings you in touch with the Earth you walk on.

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