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Heal through vibration-raising practices to catalyst your soul into radical alignment.

Hey, I’m Cecelia!

A life-taught spiritual psychonaut, badass lightworker vegetarian of 16 years inhabiting this Earth & absolutely obsessed with all things conscious living! This blog was created to connect with other like-minded souls who are into creating a healthier, more aligned life; while raising the vibration of not only themselves, but the collective at large.

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Plant-Based Should Be Easy.

Whoever told you going plant-based was expensive, hard, or restrictive; was flat out wrong. After pure plant love for 16 years, let me show you the good side of it.. The shit that makes meat eaters feel they could go vegan.


Founded in April 2019 by Cecelia Losinger upon an inspired action to change her life to something magical.

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Instagram: @VegetablyAware

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